AllPro Technologies is not only owned by a dedicated U.S. Navy veteran, it is also owned by a Follower of Christ.

My name is Kamal Cook, and I am a Christian. I attend Springdale Nazarene Church in Springdale Ohio.

What does this mean for my computer business? On the outside nothing. We still offer the same products and services that we have always offered. Things at AllPro Technologies are different internally though.

The majority of our staff are Christian in some form. We don’t discriminate when hiring, after all, how are we to reach the rest of the population if we only surround ourselves with other believers?

Our business policies are more customer friendly that most. We give more time for returns, provide longer warranties, and offer fair and honest service. That doesn’t mean every customer is always happy with the policies. Nobody is happy when they get a computer fixed for one thing, and a few weeks later something else breaks. It is nobodys’ fault, but we often get blamed. We try to work with people in those situations to find a resolution that makes everyone happy.

We would rather keep a customer than to just make a sale, but we are not running a charity. We employee people and those people depend on us to feed their families. This is a business and we operate as such.

If you have any questions or just would like to talk, don’t hesitate to call. We can talk about computers, networking, security, or Jesus.