We are proud to have received the 2011 super service award from Angies list. We thank all our customers who made this possible.

10 years ago when we were just starting it was easy to ensure good, quality service. The only employees were the owner and his assistants. The bigger we became the more difficult that goal became. We continued to add employees,  locations, and customers. Our customers wanted quality and speed like the big stores, but the customer service that was missing from the big stores. We made it our goal to be better at both!

Every so often an issue comes along where there is no good solution. We try to walk a fine line between serving our customers and staying in business! I am pleased that our guiding principals still pays off after all these years. Consumers  have not completely jettisoned quality service in the pursuit of cheap prices.

We will keep doing things they way we always have. Thank you!

-Kamal Cook

What is the Angie’s List Super Service Award?

Each year, Angie’s List honors companies that have achieved and maintained a superior service rating from our members with the Super Service Award. This is the highest honor given annually to companies by Angie’s List, who have achieved and maintained a superior service rating on Angie’s List throughout the past year. There is no fee to accept the award and be considered a winner. Angie’s List members look for Super Service Award winners when they check Angie’s List because approximately 5% of service companies on Angie’s List meet the eligibility requirements to be considered and even fewer actually receive the award.

Do you give out the Super Service Award in every city?

The award is given out across the country, but not in every city. A city must reach a minimum size and maturity for consideration.

How is eligibility decided for the Angie’s List Super Service Award?

The criterion varies based on the size of the chapter and how long Angie’s List has been there. An Angie’s List chapter must be established for at least one year prior to any company being considered for the Angie’s List Super Service Award. Each eligible company must:

      • Overall Grade (3.5 GPA)
      • Recent Grade (3.5 GPA)
      • Report Period Grade*: (GPA varies)
      • 3 – 4 Reports = 3.75
      • 5 – 7 Reports = 3.67
      • 8+ Reports = 3.5

1. Obtain a set minimum number of reports in each eligible category during the Reporting Period.*
2. Maintain an “A” Rating in each of the following areas: 3. Must be in good standing with Angie’s List
*November 1st through October 31st

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