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January 27, 2021
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February 12, 2021

AllPro Enhanced Security Plans


You may have heard us talking about our new security packages and wonder; should I upgrade? if you have no idea what I’m talking about take a look here. The answer to most questions about more security always comes down to “What’s my tolerance for risk” and “Can I afford it”.

Technology security is like buying insurance. There is always more insurance you can buy to protect your home, auto, business, practice, life, boat, etc. More insurance equals more protection, and we sleep well at night knowing we’re protected.

We buy insurance and pay a little $$ each month to protect ourselves from having to pay $$$$$$$$$$$ at once. Paying “at once” because of an accident or disaster is often more than we’ll ever be able to pay all at once. I certainly can’t write a check to replace my entire home and all its contents if it’s lost in a fire (some of you can). I buy insurance so I only have to pay $$ as a deductible if/when something crazy happens.

Antivirus, data backup, spam filters, malware scanners, VPN, firewalls, etc. are the insurance products of technology. We spend a little $$ on them each month to prevent spending $$$$$$$$ on technology disasters like data loss, security breaches, ransomware, loss of client data, PHI, or financial data, credit cards, and banking information.

For most clients the upgrade to the Defensive package is $2-6 per employee. All our clients have some security protections, just not everything included in the Defensive package.

The Offensive package requires a little more investment. This would be closer to $12-16 per employee. Not as many clients have the protections in the Offensive package. Most of the ones that do are required by HIPPA, FINRA, or any of the many other legislative acronyms.

If you’re a business with 50 employees and $250 more a month is worth the added insurance benefits of all the additional security in the defensive package and $250 won’t break the bank, then upgrade! If you’ve one of our boutique clients with 5 employees and $25 wont break the bank, then upgrade!

If you’re one of our bigger clients with 250 employees, a new $1250 monthly increase may not be small potatoes. Not as easy to say “Just Upgrade” even if it is worth it. Money is money, we certainly understand.

At the end of the day every business owner (myself Included) must decide how much insurance we buy to protect our business. If you’re on the fence, give me a call and we’ll hash out the pros/cons.