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December 17, 2021

AllPro is growing!

allpro is now cloudit

AllPro Technologies and cloudIT, LLC have joined forces! The merger, effective March 1st, 2022, fosters a highly skilled team of experienced staff dedicated to providing the best possible service to the AllPro customer base.

You will continue to work with the same people at AllPro, and I can assure you that our level of customer service, quality of care,, and support, will remain unchanged. Going forward, you’ll gain access to additional security services and features made available via this exciting new partnership.

cloudIT was founded by Vince Kent, CEO/cloudIT in 2012 as a division of a Phoenix telecommunications company and he purchased the IT division in 2015. Vince knew that with focus on customer satisfaction, building a stellar employee team, developing cutting-edge technology and innovation, along with his vision of establishing a trusted partnership with the customer, would be the key differentiators in the IT arena.

I want you to know how much I value you as a client and, dare I say, a friend! I started AllPro nearly 20 years ago with a simple focus, “to fix stuff fast and properly”. As the years have passed, I’ve realized “properly” was exponentially more important than fast.

As hiring and retaining staff to ensure we are still “fixing stuff properly and quickly” became more challenging, I was equally diligent in selecting the right company to partner with. A company that would share my passion for excellent service and one that would offer even more capabilities to my clients in this ever-changing world of IT security.

I am excited to say that I found exactly what I was looking for in cloudIT. cloudIT has achieved amazing success in this industry because they understand that no matter how big you become it is always about relationships, partnerships if you will, with their
clients. Vince carries that over to his staff as well and has created a healthy culture that encourages each person to do their best and feel valued.

So, although we are now part of a larger company, you will still work with the same people you have come to know and trust. Call or email us the same way you always have and challenge us to provide current and creative IT solutions. Thank you for continuing to trust us!

Click here to learn more about cloudIT

p.s. – Thank you for being a valued client. We will continue to provide the same level of excellent support that AllPro has provided over the years. I look forward to proving how our combined companies can offer you an expanded platform of services to keep your business safe, secure, and supported.