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May 11, 2013
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July 27, 2013

AllPro Technologies now provides remote support

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Summary: You can now get phone support by calling 513-661-4333. We are here to answer the phone Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

It has been a long and crazy 2 years. The only good thing about a recession is when it ends!

During the downturn, we retooled, refocused, and rededicated ourselves to finding new clients and new opportunities for growth. We didn’t let sales fall through the cracks. We followed up faster. We introduced new products and services. We changed how we did support. We increased our efficiency and learned how to do more with less.

This helped us get through the recession and we are very happy with our progress.

Fast forward 2 years and that renewed focus turned into a breakneck pace of service and support as clients started to spend again on good and services. Our service techs have been running around like a chicken missing its head for the past 16 months. It was getting to the point where there was actually a wait to get support! Waiting is something that our society doesn’t do well, and our clients were no different.

Never in 12 years have we lost business because we were too busy. By the time the call came in, we were scheduling people for the day after next. When the day after next came around, they had found someone else to do the job. This wasn’t a problem for our support plan customers, because they already received priority support and scheduling. We noticed we were spending money marketing on one end, and losing the customer because we couldn’t deliver fast enough on the other end.

It’s is a great problem to have, too many customers.

Great or not, it was still a problem. We refuse to turn into the company that you don’t call because you know it will be a long wait. I avoid companies with that issue like the plague and I’m sure people would eventually think the same about AllPro Technologies.

Now clients don’t have to wait for remote support. They just call 513-661-4333 and ask for remote support.

We know that some issues can’t be fixed with remote support and we’ll be out the very next business day if remote support is unsuccessful. The three best things about our Remote Support;

  1. U.S based support increases efficiency by removing the communications barrier
  2. Support from a local company you know and trust
  3. No fix-no pay. You don’t owe a dime if we cannot fix your problem. We will instead schedule an on-site visit for you usually the very next business day.

I am very happy that we have grown to a level where we can provide reliable remote phone support. I look forward to serving you for all your technology needs. Click here for more information about our residential help desk.