Memory Upgrades
April 25, 2009
Desktop or laptop?
April 26, 2009

Are you certified?

The discussion of certifications always comes up. Usually the topic is “is your company certified?”

The answer is YES, but not necessarily the company itself, but the techs that work on the systems.

We have Jr. Techs and Sr. techs. The top senior tech (myself) has a few certifications and degree’s in electronics, engineering, and IT. Myself and the other senior associates train and guide the Jr. associates into becoming senior repair technicians. The senior techs are (supposed) to oversee the repair process of the Jr techs and make sure no mistakes are made. We push all our techs to get more training and more certifications, even offer some tuition assistance to make this happen. Each individual progresses at their own pace and we reward continuing education at eval time.

Does the normal residential customer care if you have a certification? Probably not….But, what about the small business that you are trying to get work with? We work with a number of small businesses and certifications can set you apart from the competition. And i like that!