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February 8, 2018
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By Appointment Only

in home service

We are celebrating 16 years in business this year. Things surely have changed since we first first started, and it is all because of you. Thank you for you continued support!

Beginning Thursday March 1st, AllPro Technologies will switch to “By Appointment Only” for our retail store.

In the beginning, we operated out of a bedroom closet converted into an office. I was still in college and things were not very busy so customers couldn’t just “stop by”, they had to make an appointment. An Appointment made sure I was there to greet them when they arrived.

Fast forward 16 years, and now we are incredibly busy, but the market has changed. Home delivery from Amazon Fresh, Kroger Insta Cart, and Shipt from Meijer are growing by leaps and bounds. People want in home service, they don’t want to go out!in home service

As we have switched to providing more in home support, we’ve had issues staffing the store. We’ve even had to lock the door a few times because nobody was there to greet customers. Locking the door came at the expense of a customer arriving with their computer but being unable to drop off their machine.

As the demand for in home computer repairs continues to increase, we’ve had to make a decision about how to best serve both customer groups.

Beginning Thursday March 1st, AllPro Technologies will switch to “By Appointment Only“. There are 2-3 time slots available weekdays. You can quickly book online, or call us to make an appointment.

The biggest change is customers can no longer “just stop by”. The door will be locked, and we can only serve you with an appointment even if there is someone at the store.  I hope for a smooth transition, but we know this change will ruffle some feathers. I’m sure we’ll hear “You are here, just unlock the door!” for the next several months.

As far as trends go, home computer support is where the greatest demand is and we must adjust like all business.

For customers who call first, this will not be a huge change. We’ll give you the available times and make the appointment for you. The biggest adjustment will be customers who just “stopping by” since the doors will be locked.

Thank you for a wonderful 16 years, and we are here when you need us!