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October 9, 2009
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November 22, 2009

How fast is fast enough?

As computers move up the scale of importance in our business and home life, they become more difficult to live without. For many, the loss of a computer for a week would be devastating.  For a business, the loss of a computer for even a few hours can be a show-stopper.

An online store like Amazon probably loses millions of dollars a minute if their computers or website is down. (Just guessing)

One of our companies main selling points is our fast turn-around-time. If you’re not familiar with the lingo, it means the time it takes to get your computer back.

My experience with computers has been, everyone wants their computer fixed yesterday!

Most business operate on a first come, first serve basis. Every person through the door is in line directly behind the person who came in before them. That would be what most consider a fair way to operate.

What if you don’t want to wait your turn in line? What if your problem is somehow more important that the next persons? Most industries have what they call a “rush” service. The definitions may very, but it usually means you get your project/issue resolved before everyone else.

A printing company offers a 1 week rush service for an additional $150. A passport company charges $95 for a rush service. The US state department charges $60 for their rush service. An eyeglass  company offers rush service for only $19.

Custom-pc offers a rush service for $40. This service moves your repair to the front of the line. This does not guarantee your system will be ready same day or next day, just that we will start working on it right away.

Is rush service for everyone? Of course not.  If everyone paid for it, it wouldn’t be worth much.

I saw a funny picture in a office once that read ” So you want me to rush your job ahead of the rush job i’m already rushing to rush?”