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August 27, 2015
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September 4, 2015

I get too much spam


Don’t we all. At one time I felt your pain.  We are no longer in the same boat because we use advanced spam filtering to cut the clutter in our email inboxes.

How does it work?

We use a spam filter that will “hold” things that look like spam and send you a daily report on what is being held. When you get this report you can simply hit release or allow on anything that is not spam and it will show up in your inbox in a few seconds. The beauty of our spam filter is that it learns from you what isn’t spam and adjusts accordingly. If you allow mail from a domain, it will no longer block any mail from that domain. After a few weeks less legitimate spam gets caught in the filter.

But I need that email now!

The report you received last night still works. You can click on it at anytime to see what is being held. The spam link expires in 24 hours, but you can always use it to see what came in recently.


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We spend a lot of time fighting spam. Besides being a productivity and bandwidth hog, spam is the number 1 method for getting viruses. Learn more here.