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My Server Crashes
August 27, 2015
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Wireless keeps dropping
August 27, 2015

My server is slow

cincinnati server slow

The complaints grow as the server gets slow. 🙂

We are usually the first to notice when one our managed clients are having server issues. One of the primary reasons we monitor 24/7 server performance is because everyone in the company is affected by server slowdowns and performance issues.

What causes a server to be slow?

The biggest culprit is usually high I/O load on the storage arrays. Hard drives can only read and write data so fast. When they hit their maximum throughput, everything else is waiting in line. As drives age their performance can diminish. This would be the best scenario because it could be a simple hardware issue that can be solved with a few replacement parts.

The more difficult issues are when the hardware performance looks fine, but the users still say things are slow. This can point to issues with the data they are accessing, the databases, or a host of other issues. Problems that are not hardware related can take time to diagnose. Those are the worst type of slow server issues. Harder to track down, and harder to solve.

Network issues

Network issues can be an overlooked area has nothing to do with the server at all. A network can become too small to handle the demands of a growing company. A company is happy when they are finally busy enough to hire a few extra people to fulfill increasing orders. They buy some forklifts, hire more staff, and watch the bank account grow. With those new orders and staff comes increased load on the network. It is one of those “good” problems, but still a problem.

We can perform network speed and topology test to find bottlenecks that impact network speeds. If the problem really is the server, we can fix that as well. You may just need a new server. Just like you needed that bigger printer to print that bigger job, you may need a new server to handle that bigger job. No matter what the problem we’ll help you identify and solve it. Give us a call.