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July 2, 2009
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July 8, 2009

Warranty Warrantee

Warranty or Warrantee?

A warranty (accent on first syllable) is a guarantee. A warrantee (accent on last syllable) is a person or party who is guaranteed something.

Lets say you go out and buy a brand new car. You write your hefty $15,000 check for a nice sporty compact. Because someone told you to, you purchase the extended bumper to bumper warranty. On your way home you come around a corner then BAM you hit a deer. Oh my. Your new car is ruined.

Who do you call? Your spouse? Best friend? Insurance agent?

Now why wouldn’t you call the dealership? You purchased the extended warranty right? We know not to call the dealership because the warranty doesn’t cover accidents. Doesn’t cover rocks from the road and definitely doesn’t cover collisions with wild animals.

Almost any new computer comes with some sort of warranty. (If it doesn’t run!) How come when we get a virus or some bad spyware do we go running to the dealership? (Place where you purchased your computer) The warranty probably doesn’t cover that. Just like your vehicle warranty didn’t cover the deer accident.

Our company struggles with this issue just like Dell, HP, and Gateway does. The standard warranty covers things that go wrong with the computer that the user (driver) did not cause.

When we kindly (very kindly) try and explain the warranty does not cover virus and spyware we are branded the enemy.

Not sure how to fix this perception. If companies offered a software warranty with new computers, it would make them much more expensive.

What do you think?