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January 2, 2011
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January 17, 2011

We repair “cheap pc” repairs

With the economy down and unemployment high, we have noticed a huge influx of “cheap pc repair” ads on Google, Craigslist, and in classified ads. I see “cheap pc repair” ads next to the “we buy ugly houses” ads, and “cheap pc repair” posted on telephone poles. I even saw “cheap pc repair” on a church bulletin board and “cheap pc repair” on the lawn near a shopping center. Custom PC Fixes “cheap pc repairs”.

I saw an ad online that said “We will fix your problem for $35 no matter how long it takes.”

I know that times are hard and people would like to supplement their income in any way possible. There are good people with wives and children to feed. They have mortgages and car notes due. Children need clothes, and cars need gas.

As a business we are constantly looking for ways to save. Do we really need that many pens? Can we get by with less brochures? Can we get smaller monitors to save on electricity? Do we need the outside lights on all night?

As a consumer it is always tempting to try and save a buck (or two). The allure of a $35 pc repair sounds good.

I would caution any consumer considering the $35 flat rate repair and ask a few important questions.

  1. Are they properly trained?
  2. Are they properly insured?
  3. Did you do a background check?
  4. Can they be trusted?

There are some things I still trust to the professionals. I will not hire a $35 plumber. I want professional. I want results. I want insurance. I want them in and out (I have a life). I want someone who does this full time, and has been doing it for a long time.

I don’t want someone who put their own garbage disposal in, and now they think they are a plumber. I don’t want someone who put in a new toilet in their aunts house, and now they are ready to replace my water heater.

All that being said, I would never talk bad about about a qualified computer technician working from home. After all, Custom PC Started from home, out of a tiny closet in a bedroom. We are home grown!

There are qualified technicians out there looking for work. Maybe they got let go from a big tech company. Maybe they were ready to work for themselves. Good quality people who don’t work for a company are everywhere. Just make sure whoever you hire is quality. We are often called in to fix “cheap pc repairs”. The biggest complaints are

  • “They just re-installed Windows”.
  • “They didn’t save my data”
  • “They only made the problem worse, then left after x hours”
  • ” We could tell he didn’t know what he was doing”

Custom PC would like everyone to know we fix “cheap pc repairs.” We fix small problems, we fix big problems. Not only do we fix “cheap pc repairs”, but we do it quickly. Our usual average turn around time is less than 2 days.

Custom PC has years of experience and multiple staff members with a wide range of skills and abilities. We have staff members with backgrounds in programming, component level repair, and military electronics backgrounds. When you hire Custom PC you get some of the best, most trained, and professional computer technicians there are. Choose Custom PC, you’ll be glad you did.