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May 13, 2020
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July 3, 2020

Where did chat go?

Chat support was supposed to make our lives easier. It was sold to us as being faster, better, and easier to use. Most of all, it was supposed to make the client happier.

After 2 years of using it, none of those things were true. Chat has been removed as a support option.

Chat was faster to start support. There was less time spent waiting to speak with someone. That would be a win, if speaking to someone was the goal. Our goal is to “fix stuff fast” and chat is often slower at fixing stuff.

After investigating many of the chats that went sideways, the biggest issue was translation. Most people can talk better than they type. Chat often pointed our techs in the wrong direction. “I cant print” was often the printer is jammed, not that it doesn’t try to print.

This translation issue happened all the time. People would often use the wrong terms. They would say modem when they meant computer. They would say computer when they meant monitor. They would say download when they meant install. All of this is normal (historically), chat just made the situation much worse.

Chat was an experiment, and it didn’t go well. We’re going back to how things were before when you would just email or call us.

How to get support

Fastest method for regular issues is to submit a ticket. For critical issues (server down, network down, phones are down, website down) please call us 513.661.4333.

Click the 24/7 icon in your system tray. The very top option is submit a support ticket.