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August 27, 2015
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August 27, 2015

Wireless keeps dropping

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Wireless will always have issues. The very design of non military grade WiFi means it will always have problems. The FCC mandates that consumer wireless devices accept interference. A rule like that will always cause trouble with WiFi.

Make WiFi better

Even with the FCC’s rules, you can create reliable wireless. The trick starts with better equipment that can work in tandem. When one wireless signal drops or slows, another picks up the slack. This is how it works in hotels, convention centers, museums, etc. They deploy multiple wireless devices to provide redundant wireless everywhere.

The question isn’t usually can we make it better, it is can we make it better in my price range. I think we can.

Enterprise grade | Consumer priced

Since everyone wants WiFi it has gotten cheaper. You can now get superior wireless technology with dual beams, multiple antennas, traffic shaping, the works for around $125 per access point. This puts enterprise grade wireless in reach of even a modest IT budget. Deploy a few access points and built on the network as you need.

We have an entire section devoted to better WiFi. It is something we get asked quite often and are ready with proves solutions that will keep you happy. Take a look at it here.