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July 31, 2015
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August 27, 2015

Microsoft Word Formatting Shortcuts

To create your own custom shortcuts for word formatting like bold or strikethrough, you can use the customize keyboard interface in Microsoft Word.

First bring up the font menu (Ctrl + D).

Then press Ctrl + Alt and the plus sign on the keypad (clear on the other side of the keyboard).

The mouse will turn into a little clover, click on the checkbox for the effect you want to work with. (It’s okay if the clover symbol goes back to a pointer.)

A new dialog box will pop up named Customize Keyboard.

Click in the Press new shortcut key box and create your own combination.

Current keys lists any commands already stored, and just below that will be a line that says “Currently assigned to: “.

It will either list a function in word, or say [unassigned]. Unassigned means it’s free to use, otherwise consider if you want to overwrite the default command.

Once you’re satisfied with the shortcut you’ve created, click Assign, then close the Customize keyboard and font dialog boxes.