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March 28, 2010
Ship Us your Laptop
June 5, 2010

Custom Laptops

When you are looking for the very best in portable computing, look to a custom built laptop or notebook.

Top 4 Custom laptop Benefits:

  1. Top of the line hardware
  2. Fast speeds
  3. Configured just they want you want it
  4. No extra bloat ware that slows your system down

In addition to the top 4 reasons, there are a few more:

Highly Reliable

All components in our product line are reviewed periodically. Any trends in failure rates are acted upon immediately, leaving us with very reliable products. We do not use parts unless we feel we can stand behind them. We don’t want to stand behind anything that we know will break down, since our custom systems are warrantied. This results in a high quality product, that works as it should. You can feel confident that any selection you make on our website is a quality product.

Fast Build Times
By keeping inventory of our most popular parts, and maintaining a short supply line to parts we need, we are able to offer an industry leading ship time of 5-8 business days on nearly all our system orders.

Latest drivers, patches and service packs are applied
For best security and performance, it is important that each computer ships with the newest software and drivers available. We give personal attention to each computer before it ships, making sure it is updated.

Burn-In Process
Your custom laptop is fully tested prior to delivery. All hardware and software components are tested under a heavy load to ensure reliability in the harshest conditions!

When we build custom laptops, our very first question is “What do you want your laptop to be able to do? We will configure a system with that goal in mind.

You can’t find a laptop today without all the 2010 “Standard Options”

  1. Wireless G
  2. DVDRW
  3. USB 2.0
  4. Memory card reader
  5. Camera
  6. HD audio
  7. Express card port

But there are other options you may not even think about like, Blue-tooth, SSD hard drives, DDR-3, built in 3G wireless mobility cards, separate Video cards, remote controls, and others.

Looking for custom built, you’ve come to the right place.