July 31, 2015
July 31, 2015

Domain (name)

Domains are used in networking.

The main example is the domain name of a website. (ex: These names are shorthand replacements for memorizing IP addresses. Instead of having to remember a string of numbers, one can simply type in the name of the website. There are domain name servers that specifically point all traffic and information requests to the specified IP behind the scenes. The result of this setup is that you can register a business name and have the servers take care of routing all traffic to your website’s physical location.

Domains are also used in corporate networking. When a server is installed, a domain is created for users to log in and share information. It will also control the local network connections. These servers assign an internal IP address to each workstation for networking and internet privileges as well as often controlled access to shared folders that can be accessed from any workstation. This is a powerful method of centralizing information and increasing security. Most work computers that require a login and password are members(parts) of a local domain.