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Gold Monitoring Program

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Due to vendor price increase, the cost for our gold monitoring package is increasing. This post isn’t about the cost increase, but you can read about it here. This post is about Gold and why it is so popular.

First, its full name is Gold 24/7 Monitoring and Security. We shorten it to gold making it quicker to say. We call it gold because it is like gold for a business to have!

Gold is a little piece of software that we install on computers we support that allows us to know what is going on, respond to issue, monitor the health of those computers, and remove instant remote support. Basically, it allows us to do our job of keeping your computer running as it should. Gold has 5 main features;

Monitoring & Reporting

Gold compiles and logs every piece of software and hardware on a computer in real-time. We know exactly what software is installed and on which computers. We know which computers are running out of date software. We know which computers are low on ram or hard drive space. It would take hours to compile all the data on a computer today, and hours a week from now (as things change). Gold does all this for us every minute of the day.

A real-world use case is software hunting. National news break that a piece of software called Log4j needs to be removed immediately from any computer it is installed on. With gold, we can compile a report of every computer we manage with Log4j installed. Within seconds, we have a list.

Deployment and Scripts

Continuing from the monitoring section, the gold script and deployment engine will allow us to run a command to remove Log4j from hundreds of computers at once. It may take a few minutes to uninstall, and it may require every machine to reboot, but we just saved hours. Not only did we just save time, if you have gold, this didn’t cost you anything (even without a support plan). We can even schedule the reboot for 3 am, so it doesn’t impact your staff.

The same happens on the install side. If there is a piece of software that multiple computers need, we may be able to install it on every computer with a few clicks. This saves hours and hours of time each week.

Patches and Updates

Microsoft isn’t the only company that releases a dizzying array of updates. Almost every software on a computer has an update at some point. We keep up with the list of updates each computer has. We compare what each computer has with what it should have and easily install what is missing. if any critical updates are missing, we are alerted. If a computer requires a reboot to update, we schedule it. If a computer requires an emergency update to address a vulnerability, we force the reboot right now. Most breaches are caused by a lack of updates. Today, updates are more critical than the antivirus.

Antivirus & Antispyware

Gold includes antivirus. Everyone knows what antivirus does, but gold takes your security a step further. Just having an antivirus isn’t enough. Ensuring that it is running properly is the important part. Gold makes sure the AV is active, updated, and scanning daily. Now that Windows reduces the taskbar to just a few icons,

how do you know your AV is working. Do you even look at it these days? With gold, we pay attention so you don’t have to.

Remote support

Last but not least, gold allows us to instantly remote into a computer to provide support (with a paid support plan). This saves time (soo much time), as trying to get end users connected manually often takes 10-15 minutes. That’s if they can even get it done.

Besides support, this tool allows us to delete temp files clogging the system, or download logs for vendors. We can restart services like the print spooler any other nifty support tricks to keep a computer running.

Gold is great! Why so glum?

As stated earlier, the cost of gold is going up. I understand why (multiple pieces of software all with separate vendor increases), but nobody wants to pay more for the same thing.

Instead of paying more for gold, we suggest an upgrade to helpdesk lite. Helpdesk lite includes gold along with some built-in time for remote support.

Instead of getting the same for more, get more for more with helpdesk lite!