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September 29, 2011
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November 17, 2011

Cnet software bundled with addware

Recently while looking for a software program called offline update, I found myself on Cnets website. Previously being a website I trusted for downloading software, I didn’t think anything of it when then download said cnet-offlineupdate.msi. Strange but OK.

After it finished, I proceeded to install the software and bam, i’m hit with questions about installing crapware. Wait, this came from Cnet? Yup, sure did.

I went back to cnet just to make sure I didn’t click on the wrong thing, and I most certainly did not. Then I did a few searches for software I already have, and everything I downloaded included cnet-crapware.

So fellow downloaders beware, cnet is no longer crapware / addware free. I hope the money they are making makes up for the loss of users, especially myself.