Why did it take so long for my part to arrive?
August 1, 2010
Why didn’t my part last?
August 7, 2010

Free Windows re-install

Custom-PC’s Virus Free Guarantee

We stand behind our virus and spyware cleans to the point that, if you are not totally happy with it, we will do a windows re-install for free.  If within 7 days, your system is not satisfactory, then bring it back, and we will re-install windows for you, no questions asked. That additional service ($140 value) is available to anyone who gets our FULL virus  / spyware clean. The 7 days part is important. This offer is not available 2-3-4-5 weeks later.

Very rarely, after we have done our full virus / spyware / malware / scareware clean, a system is still pretty bad. Rarely, after we have thrown everything we have at a computer, it is still not quite right.  Sometimes a system is just so badly infected and damaged that there isn’t anything we can do to guarantee it’s continued successful operation but do a full operating system re-install.

We would much rather fix a computer that re-install it. A re-install presents the customer with a multitude of headaches after-wards. No matter how bad a computer was or is,  nobody is happy with a re-install.

A Windows re-install means you will have to re-install all your programs. Much of the software we use are not a part of the standard windows instillation. To be quite honest, a windows re-install may not have any of the software you use on a regular basis. Internet explorer is really, the only program you may use, that is included with a re-install.

What about the settings? Configurations? Email setup? Printer setup? Ipod, games, scanners, USB devices, external hard drives, security software, flash, adobe, turbo tax, and any of the other 1 billion available programs that you could have had?

The biggest and most frustrating part is the lack of software license, keys and such. The things that you use that are not free, tend to cost big sums of money.

When you purchase software, you are given a software key, and a CD / DVD. If you purchased it online, they emailed the key to you and you installed the software from the web.

Where is that KEY?

Didn’t you read the email that said “Do not lose this!”

Don’t you know that you can’t re-install your software without that key? Didn’t you know that the key is worth $350? Losing that key is like never having bought the software in the first place.You lost it, and we don’t have it. We can’t get it for you. Even if you bought it from us, we don’t have your key anymore. Maybe you can call or email the place of purchase, but they probably don’t have it either. There is only 1 copy of that key, and retailers usually don’t keep a list of every key sold to every customer. If you do have to re-purchase the software, put the key in a safe place this time.

Custom-PC stands behind our products, even the services we perform.