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September 19, 2009
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October 9, 2009

Is your wireless secure?

These days almost everyone with a laptop has a home wireless network. Wireless is great. Allows us to surf the internet from almost anywhere in the house. We can add multiple wireless devices, laptops, pda’s, cell phones, zunes, printers, etc. We can take advantage of all the connectivity with no wires!

Most routers are shipped with the wireless security off. That means you can easily connect all your stuff to it with no passwords and no fuss. Problem is, so can anyone else…..

Many of us know people who “borrow” other people’s wireless signals. Some places let you borrow it for free. Certain restaurants, hotels, bars, colleges, and even some cities provide free WIFI service. Do you want your home internet service to be a free WIFI hotspot?

That’s exactly what you have if you have not added security to your wireless network. Anyone and everyone can jump on and use the service you pay for for free. While that may sound like a nice thing to do, it is very dangerous to your computer and your wireless network.

Someone who is connected to your network can do all kinds of stuff to it. They can find out what type or router you have, and make it so they can get on and you cant. They can see all the shared resources you have on your pc’s and can go so far as to take over your pc. If you think a virus from the internet is bad, it pales in comparison to someone attacking you from INSIDE your network.

So what do you do? Set up security on your router. Don’t know how? Read the manual. Don’t want to know how, hire someone to do it for you.  You’ll be glad you did.