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August 7, 2010
Protect your USB ports
September 30, 2010

Keep your software

When you buy a new computer and you request that particular software be “pre-loaded” the retailer will install the software for you. When you get your shiny new pc, it will already have on it the software you requested. They should also have included a way for you to reinstall your software in the event it goes haywire or a system crash. You should have either received a recovery cd or a install cd for each piece of software you purchased.


You cant reinstall your software without it. Especially the expensive stuff (Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, etc) if you do, you will have to repurchase the software. You will not be happy, but don’t say you were not warned! Current prices for the aforementioned software:

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional $499, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Pro $699

If I put down $300 in dollar bills and told you not to lose it, you would start it in a safe place. Handle your software with care. It could be like losing 11 hundred dollar bills!