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May 1, 2009
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May 6, 2009

Laptop problems

As more and more people get laptops, we now see the big problem. They may be portable, but they are not really designed well. Hinges break, screens crack, keys pop off, buttons push in, fans get noisy, hard drive click until they die. To make them very reliable and durable, they would be much heavier and much more expensive. (Who wants that). So here are a few tips to extend the life of your laptop.

1) Be very careful with the DC jack. This is the most expensive repair on a laptop. Don’t move the laptop with the cord still plugged in. The internal electrical connection can only handle so much stress. Then snap! it goes, and in comes the sparks.

2) Do not set anything on top of the laptop, The screen is only 1 mm away from the lop of the laptop. Seriously, there is only 1-2 mm of plastic between the top and the screen. You set a book on it, and they plot another book on top of that one? Cracky-crack crack. This is the second most expensive repair.

3) Liquids and electronics don’t mix. I’ve cleaned the insides of laptops of milk, juice, beer, kool-aid, ice tea, coke, vodka, and other unidentifiable stuff. Sometimes it just the keyboard, sometimes its the mainboard.

4) Sudden movement while the hard drive is spinning puts unnecessary centrifugal force on the hard drive shortening its life. This is the most common repair, and usually the cheapest fix. Sometimes it cannot be prevented, because while the laptop is meant to be portable, spinning hard drives were never means to be in use while in motion.

The absolute most expensive fix to a laptop is the mainboard. The only reason i didn’t list it as #1 is because it is the least common.