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March 14, 2013
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May 11, 2013

Microsoft permanently attached software

Summary: Score one for the little guy. Microsoft’s controversial “no transfer” restriction with Office 2013 is no more. After intense outcry from customers, the company has reversed course and agreed to allow users to transfer retail Office licenses between machines.

Microsoft backs off permanently attached software after customer complaints

This is more of a follow up to my last post. If you want to get caught up, you can find it here. For those already caught up keep reading.

Microsoft has reversed course regarding their controversial decision to only allow one activation of Office 2013. This is the best news I’ve heard all year! Here is their official statement on the matter;

Based on customer feedback we have changed the Office 2013 retail license agreement to allow customers to move the software from one computer to another. This means customers can transfer Office 2013 to a different computer if their device fails or they get a new one. Previously, customers could only transfer their Office 2013 software to a new device if their PC failed under warranty.

While the licensing agreement text accompanying Office 2013 software will be updated in future releases, this change is effective immediately and applies to Office Home and Student 2013, Office Home and Business 2013, Office Professional 2013 and the standalone Office 2013 applications. With this change, customers can move the software to another computer once every 90 days. These terms are identical to those found in the Office 2010 software.