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January 9, 2010
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February 3, 2010

My computer is too loud!

Sometimes a customer’s only complaint is about the noise level of their computer. Usually our customers computers don’t work at all and this can be a welcomed detour from the usual repair issues.

The main culprit is often times a noisy fan or a noisy few fans. Usually the bearings are going bad. ( More than you need to know about bearing here).

Some PC fans have temperature controlled speed sensors. When the system starts to overheat, the fan speeds up until the temp comes down. Pretty much the same way some car’s cooling systems operate.

Sometimes a loud fan means the system is not cooling itself properly. This applies to desktops and laptops. The cooling system may be too dirty, or filled with pet hair. (Happens quite often)

As computers become faster and faster, they also generate more and more heat. About 6 years ago, the simple heating fix was more fans or more faster fans. The faster the fan, the more noise it makes.

Starting about 2 years ago, there was a slow switch to larger fans that spin slower. A big fan moving slow, can move as much air as a small fan moving fast. Slower fan=less noise.

If your computer is too loud, come see us. We can make your bedroom a quiet or office place again!