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July 8, 2009
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Need a good Laptop?

Its back to school time again. The most wanted things this year are laptops. Every day we gets tons of calls asking do we have any (of course the answer is yes!).

Buyer beware, not all laptops are created equal. We make the choice to only sell high quality refurbished laptops.  We don’t have any of the $99 or even $199 used laptops.

Why you ask? If you sell junk, you will lose customers. No matter how low the price is, if the quality is low, they will not buy from you ever again. Companies survive on long term happy customers, not fast quick sales.

So you are looking for a laptop for yourself or your young student. Here are the things you should look for in a used laptop.

Warranty – how long is it, who does the repairs, what does it cover? Try and avoid anything with less than a 30 day warranty. Find out if they fix it where you purchased it, or do they send it out to be repaired. It will determine how long it takes (how long you are without your laptop).

Speed – How fast will it be? The faster the better, within your budget. I would look for laptops with at least a 1Ghz processor. A Centrino or Mobile type processor if you can find one.

Storage space – How many files can you save? If you don’t download music or movies, you usually will not need anything bigger than a 30Gb hard drive. If you do download large media files, look for a laptop with a bigger hard drive. You can also get an 250GB external hard drive for around $60 these days.

Memory –  How much can I do at the same time? Ram can be more important that processor speed in some cases. Look for a laptop with at least 512Mb of ram. If you have XP with SP3, get 1GB or more. You’ll be glad you did.

OS – which Windows version should i get? Personally, anything above Windows 2000 is OK. That being said, most new software complains if you don’t have XP or better.  Choose the one that you like.

Connectivity – Wireless, 56K Modem, Ethernet, Blu-Tooth? Get a laptop with built in wireless if you can. You can also add a wireless card to any laptop running 2000 or XP. If you see a laptop that doesn’t have a Ethernet or modem port, run!  If you find a used one with blu-tooth, that’s nice, you may find a use for it later on in life.

Screen size – 12, 14 , 15, 17? How good are your eyes? Its your choice. Larger screens are easier to read, but are heavier.

Power and battery – do not buy a laptop without a  working battery unless its dirt cheap. Laptop batteries can be expensive. A used laptop should get at least 30 minutes of run-time. Make sure you get a charger as well, and make sure it works.

Optical drive – DVD, CDRW, CD-ROM. Make sure it has some type of cd drive. If you want to burn cd’s get one with a cd burner. If you like to burn DVD’s, get one with a DVD burner. If you like to watch movies, make sure you will be able to. You will almost always need a optical drive at some point, do not buy one without it.

Following these should give you a pretty good idea of what to look for. You can find our list of used laptops here