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November 27, 2011
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December 30, 2011

Online Poker Players Should Customize Their PC

Ways Online Poker Players Should Customize Their PC Setup

Just a decade ago, about the only way to make money playing video games was to go into game design or testing. However, that began to change once online poker and online gambling sites started taking real money bets online. Now, there are many people around the world that make money playing poker online. However, it takes more than sound poker knowledge to make money. It also takes a solid PC setup.

If any person is planning on being a serious online poker player, they will need to learn how to multi-table at their home poker room. Once a player becomes proficient at multi-tabling, some an play as many as 20 to 30 games at a time. As such, a player is going to need some type of multi-monitor setup if they want to make multi-tabling easier. A top of the line video card is helpful, but nowhere near necessary since many online poker sites do not have highly intense graphics.

Next, consider going the ergonomic route in your gaming setup. This means look into both an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and even consider investing in an ergonomic gaming chair. Online poker is the epitome of repetitious movement and you want to do what you can to prevent wear and tear on your wrists and prevent carpal tunnel.

Finally, make sure you have enough RAM. While many can get away with a standard 2 to 4 gig of RAM, you might want to think about going up to at least 8 gig of RAM. This will guarantee that you have enough RAM to handle the load for your apps, internet, and online gaming programs.

Many players that start playing poker tournament using Mac or Windows think that that it is as simple as installing the poker software. However, if you don’t have the right setup, you may experience decreased performance and other problems that could cause you to not play as efficiently or may even cost you if your PC locks up during a key hand. Having the right setup will help those wanting to play online poker for a living to be more successful.