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Passly is Here!


Imagine this, you ‘re at home and you are trying to use the VPN to get some work done. You try to log into your work computer and it tells you the password is wrong. So you try again, and again, and again (sound familiar?)

You make sure the CAPS lock isn’t on, and that you are using the correct user name and the password you just changed it to last week, but you still can’t get in. Darn….

Now you have to contact AllPro’s tech support to “fix” the VPN. After opening a support ticket, AllPro says “We reset your password, and you’re good to go!” You try the new password and VIOLA! you’re in! You can get on with your day and be super productive person you normally are.

You think dreamily, “If only I did not have to spend 15-20 minutes contacting support to reset my password” It would be nice if I could reset my password myself, right from my phone….

With Passly, this is no longer a dream!

You can now reset passwords right from your phone. To reset a password we can email a link or TXT something right to your phone.

Our #3 tech support request has something to do with passwords. Most people say they are absolutely, positively, and certainly using the correct password. They probably are using the correct password for Adobe, but entering it in for Microsoft. Or they may be trying an OLD password since they have so many and they change so often these days (just maybe). We’ll never know since the system will never tell us your password, so we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

What we do know is you waste countless hours of your life each year waiting on tech support to reset a password. Now you don’t have to wait for us, you can reset it yourself.

But wait, there is more!

Passly isn’t just a “reset my computer password tool” it is also a personal encrypted password storage system. Instead of storing your passwords in an unsafe excel sheet or a more unsafe, google doc, or (holds breath) under your keyboard, or (God help us), attached to your monitor on a sticky note, you can safely store passwords in passly.

Start using Passly

Look for your invitation to Passly. It will look like this:

The URL to Passly isn’t the easiest to remember, so we’re setting clients up with an easy way to remember like Remember to replace [clientdomain] with your actual domain!

For more resources on Passly visit and look for the Passly Section.

To recap, you will no longer need to contact support to reset your computer password. You can do it right from Passly. You can also safely store passwords in Passly!