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July 18, 2020
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July 28, 2020

ShareSync is slowing down my internet


Our Share Sync servers are very fast, capable of over 1,500 Mbs. Whenever Share Sync is added to a machine, or a new folder is shared with someone, it can download so fast, it slows the rest of your internet down.

By default, the speed limits for Share Sync are set to unlimited. This is what causes the slowdown you’re experiencing. The solution is simple, set the speed limit to something more reasonable like 3500 KB or 5500 KB.

Right click on Share Sync in your task bar > go to the top and click the arrow next to the gear for settings > click on bandwidth > and set an upload and download rate based on your internet speeds.

When anyone has a complaint about their internet speeds, we typically advise set the bandwidth at 5500 KB download and 2500 KB upload.

If you notice internet speed issues after installing Share Sync or after someone shares a big folder with you, adjust you’re bandwidth!