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June 5, 2010
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June 12, 2010

Software repairs

85% of  problems that occur with computers are the result of software-related issues: programs that lock up, printers that suddenly won’t print, operating systems that won’t boot and lots of other common quandaries are all somehow related to the operation of software on your PC. So, if these kinds of problems happen to you, take comfort in the fact that the good news (if you can call it that), is that you’re not alone.

Troubleshooting software problems on PCs is unquestionably the hardest problem-solving task you’re ever likely to run into (on your computer, that is). The reason for this is because of the Byzantine-like structure of today’s PC applications and operating systems. In essence, the problem can be boiled down to this: All the various pieces of software on your computer—your main applications, the drivers for your specific peripherals, and the various Windows system files—work together in an enormously complex web of inter-relationships. Adding, removing or altering one piece of that puzzle can (and often will) lead to software that just doesn’t work.

We take pride in our ability to trouble shoot software problems. Sometimes it takes hours, even days to figure out a complex problem. Our clients and customers benefit from our size and experience. Most people use the same software. Once we fix a problem once, we can apply that fix to every computer we encounter. This helps us fix computers fast and effectively.

We can repair all sorts of issues:

  • Cant print / copy / fax
  • Cant get online / send email
  • Cant listen to music / play movies / watch online tv
  • Wont turn on / off
  • Loud / noisy / irritating
  • Documents wont open / close / save
  • Ghosts in the machine / gremlins
  • Mouse / keyboard / controller wont work

We are experts at all sorts of problems and complaints. We can help!