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September 11, 2019
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October 11, 2019

Web hosting price increases

If you’re in the web hosting world, you couldn’t help but hear about the recent price hike from cPanel. Although they announced the price hike back in June, outcry forced them revise their “hike”. We finally have their revised pricing and its still a significant increase.

cPanel is the #1 web hosting platform. It runs more than 80% of the web, it is rock sold, reliable, flexible, and sill affordable. I love cPanel and this price increase is unfortunate.

What the cPanel price increase means for you

The dollar amount of the increase for end users is barely worth mentioning. We’re taking about an additional $6 per month. The percentage increase is steep (50-80% depending on your plan) but it isn’t more than a cup of specialty coffee. Overall the impact to end users will be minimal and life will go on.

The effect of the cPanel price increase for us

We’ll see a price increase of thousands of dollars per year. This will be somewhat mitigated by the $6 end user increase, but that doesn’t cover all of the additional costs.

Long term plans

There are other hosting control panel’s. Time will tell if they work as well and can be trusted to power your website reliably even if they are cheaper. As of now, we’re not willing to save a few bucks by moving to a cheaper platform.

We will be watching the experiences of other hosting vendors as the explore and experience testing out other control panels. We’ll let them do the trial and error, and we’ll make a decision after the dusts settles.

For now, your website will continue to run on the words greatest platform and your only impact is the cup of joe each month.