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June 17, 2010
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August 1, 2010

Windows 7 Parental Controls don’t filter web

By itself anyway.

One of the best things Vista had, was the ability to control the access your children have to the computer and internet.

You can control what programs can be ran: You can set which installed programs can be ran under your child’s account.

You can set limits on games:  You can separately control what games your kids can play. By rating or just in general.

You can control when your kids can use the computer: Using Time Limits, Windows allows you to set what hours of the day your child(ren) can use the computer.

You could also use the built in web filtering to control what websites your child can see. Each of these features was also included in Windows 7 EXCEPT the built in content filter.

Now you must install a separate piece of software.


It is however, better this way. It is also much more robust and will actually SAVE you time.

Web filtering is now accomplished with a component from the Windows Live package. The service hooks into parental controls in Windows 7 enabling you to monitor what your kids do online. Management of the new web filter is done online with Windows Live. You can set various levels of content filtering or switch to a pre-determined list of child-friendly sites which can also include sites you’ve white listed. You can also prevent file downloads. Other features of this service include activity reporting, contact management (controlling who your kids can communicate with online), and the ability to manage requests by your kids to access restricted content.

All of which is great. If you have multiple kids and multiple computers, the one stop shop to configure access to the internet will save you tons of time. And tons of trips up and down the steps.

More info about Windows Family Safety