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Windows 8 is on its way
October 25, 2012
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February 18, 2013

Windows 8 is here

After a few months to test drive Windows 8 at home and in a few business deployments, I can now properly advise clients on its strengths and limitations.

First off, it works surprisingly well. 99% of the programs on my computer work well with Windows 8. Even a few that the upgrade adviser told me wouldn’t work still work. However , I am experiencing a few issues that didn’t exist before Windows 8.

  1. I get  a BSOD whenever i try to restart. I have tried to find the problem in the minidump file, but all i see is ntoskernel which isn’t helping much.
  2. My mouse would just stop working at time. Even if I plugged in a new mouse, that one wouldn’t work either. It is like the mouse software crashed.
  3. VSS isn’t working. I haven’t been able to do real backups wither with WHS or Macrium reflect. They both depend on VSS, which has an issue.

I managed to fix the second issue with a PCI USB card. At least it has been fixed for a few weeks now. The other 2 are still issues that I’ve yet to resolve.

W8 boots up faster, and seems stable. I do not like the noting of getting all my software from the Microsoft store. Logging into my computer with my hotmail or MSN account feels foreign to me as well. That is probably just personal feeling though.

Installing W8 into a business environment has been interesting. 1 client chose to “take the plunge” and convert their workstation/server from XP to W8. One client went to a local store and purchased a computer with W8 on it. That one has given us the most trouble. It doesn’t help that their server is 2000 and W8 isn’t real happy with the lack of security.

It seems to work, it is just a little flaky. Sometimes the server asks for the password even thought it is saved. Quirky issues like that make it hard to recommend W8 in a business environment at this time.

Only time will tell if Windows 8 ever becomes an OS we can trust in a business environment.