Why should I do updates for browser plugins?
July 6, 2012
Windows 8 is here
January 23, 2013

Windows 8 is on its way

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Starting on October 26th, you can purchase Windows 8. It is nothing like Windows 7 (W7) so be prepared.

Microsoft is trying to combine the desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone into one operating system. Think about using your smartphone as your desktop, but with a bigger screen.

There are many many articles online about Windows 8 so I will not reproduce any of that content here. My goal is to lay out your options going forward.

Personally, I don’t like Windows 8. I don’t want to turn my desktop into a smart phone with a 23″ screen. On tablets and phones W8 is nice and a welcome improvement over what is currently available. I will happily embrace it on mobile devices.

If you are in the market for a new computer, we will continue offering systems with W7. If you own a business you definitely want to stick with W7 for now.

You can also continue to use the computer you have. Nobody says you have to upgrade!

If you are still using Windows XP (WXP) then you should know support for it is ending sometime in April 2014. That means no more fixes, service pack, or functionality updates. I think they will still release critical updates, for now anyway.

WXP is more than 10 years old and much has changed since then in terms of security and performance. There is no doubt you are more vulnerable if you are still using WXP, and even more so when Microsoft stops supporting it next year.

If you have WXP and would like to upgrade to W7, we have a special going on for $139 for W7 Home. Just replay to this email and say upgrade me!