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During the pandemic, some clients wanted to reduce their costs as their business experienced reduced sales (like most). Any client with IT support still required support to run their business, business owners just needed a little relief until the storm passed.

Helpdesk Lite is an option to help clients reduce costs. It is almost identical to our standard helpdesk plan, except it doesn’t provide unlimited remote support and it doesn’t qualify for priority support.

For those wondering, priority support enables clients with certain helpdesk plans to have their calls, emails, tickets, etc. worked on first. We don’t advertise this feature often as nobody wants to feel “unprioritized”.

AllPro Technologies has 4 helpdesk plans;

  • Help Desk Elite
  • Help Desk Pro
  • Help Desk Basic
  • Help Desk Lite

Help Desk Elite is our top-of-the-line plan. It provides unlimited remote support 24/7/365 and includes onsite support at no additional charge. This is our best and most comprehensive support plan.

Help Desk Pro includes everything that Help Desk Elite has except onsite support isn’t included with the plan. Onsite support is billable when we go onsite.

Help Desk Basic is our most popular plan. Basic includes unlimited remote support. Onsite support is billable with this plan. Basic is a great fit for clients who don’t require IT support for second and third shifts, along with weekends, holidays, etc.

Help Desk Lite is an entry-level support plan. Each device on the plan qualifies for a block of remote support minutes each month. For example, 12 computers on help desk lite each qualify for 10 minutes. This client would have 2 hours of (included) remote support they can use each month. We would bill the client for any time used over the included 2 hours.

With help desk lite, onsite support is billable and the plan doesn’t qualify for priority support.

Why do clients buy help desk lite? 2 answers;

  • Cost – Lite is 60% less than the standard help desk plan.
  • Need – Not every client requires unlimited remote support.

Some clients call 5 times a day, some 5 times a month, and some 5 times a quarter. Depending on the need, it makes sense to get a plan that provides the necessary coverage. Help desk lite is a great fit for smaller non-profits. They can get support when needed, and reduce IT costs making their board members happy.

Is help desk lite right for your organization?

If you desire the safety and security of a fully managed plan but only require a few hours of support each month, helpdesk lite may be a good option. Unsure? Give us a call!