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January 29, 2020
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March 28, 2020

I need a VPN today


Welcome to the pandemic! Where almost everyone who can work from home, is working from home.

This article isn’t about can or should you work from home, it’s about the security implications of working from home and connecting to sensitive resources in the office.

A typical small business has invested something in security. They don’t use a $50 router sold in the big box store. Home users are exactly who buys that $50 big box router. That “entry level” router offers virtually no real protection. Suddenly, every business owner is concerned about their employee’s home security and that $50 router since their staff is working from home.

If you’ve never had employees working from home, you probably don’t have the equipment or infrastructure to allow your team to work from home. You’ll need to upgrade your network, firewall, router internet, or all to accomplish your goals.

Business owners with professional IT support like (AllPro) can easily have us install a better router in the homes of their staff. Depending on the size of their staff, this can be expensive, if not outright unaffordable . Alas, there is a better way.

A secure VPN that requires 2FA is safe and affordable. At a mere $5 per user per month, work at home staff can have a secure and protected connection to their office workstations.

For clients on a domain, the VPN uses the same password as their desktop. The 2FA security that requires a cell phone overcomes the issue of bad passwords.

If you suddenly find yourself having your staff work from home (like everyone else) give us a call. We can deploy our secure 2FA VPN for your entire office within a few hours. Don’t let a lack of equipment stop your team from being productive.