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October 16, 2011
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November 21, 2011

Is it 4G or not?

There is a dirty little secret about the 4G you see advertised on TV these days. It isn’t really 4G. If you are paying more for it, I’m sorry, you are not getting your money’s worth. Truth be told, very few carriers in the world actually have 3G, but we wont open that can of worms today.

T-Mobile says they have the biggest 4G network, Sprint says there 4G is the best, Verizon says their 4G is the fastest, and AT&T even has a 4G network now. Not one of them has a 4G network.

Why not?

Because to have 4G you have to hit a certain download speed. It’s like dial-up broadband service or like calling a car with leathers seats a luxury car.

Let’s start with what the “G” means on these 3G and 4G phones and plans. the G only means generation. I guess the original phones were 0G, and then the new phones were 2G, and then we graduated onto 3G. Nobody really marketed the G until we made it to 3. They wanted you to know that the new 3G phones were faster than the 0G phones of yesteryear.

There is a organization out there that decided what 3G was, what 4G is, and probably what 5G will be. They are called ITU (International Telecommunication Union). most of you have never heard of of them unless you are in the electronics or telecommunications industry. Long ago they set out data and speed specifications for 3G and 4G and we simply haven’t achieved those speeds yet with wireless phones.

True 4G was supposed to be close to 1000Mbps. Even the new LTE 4G networks are only delivering real-world speeds of 3Mbps-12Mbps. 4G was supposed to be a major step ahead in terms of speed and reliability. Does your 4G phone go 1Gbit? Nope, not even close.

So why do they all say you have 4G? They needed to sell some phones! They needed to sell some plans. They needed to have a reason to get you to pay an additional $10-20 a month.

Is today’s 4G faster than your old 3G? Probably. Will you notice it? Maybe. Is it worth the additional cost? Probably not.

Just know that you don’t have 4G, even if you are paying for it. Not yet at-least.