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May 18, 2021
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June 28, 2021

Managed Security Defaults


AllPro follows a set of security and safety procedures to keep our clients safe. We consider this our primary job, while helping users fix their Adobe, Microsoft office, and printer issues is secondary 😊

Security Defaults is what we call our minimum safety and security procedures. This is the minimum level of security we recommend for clients. We audit and update our security defaults to stay ahead of threats. The most recent audit felt different. The number of hacks, compromises, and threats are literally off the charts. Hacking has become daily national news!

Our team came away from our recent security default review with one thought “Some clients are not as protected as they could be”. As of 2 weeks ago “bad actors” have $40,000,000 more in their bank accounts to go after you. If the question is ever “What is in it for them?” $40M USD is a pretty good incentive…

Our goal is to stay ahead of the mayhem and keep our clients safe. As such we are upgrading our security defaults to help us achieve this goal. I wont list every security default here (for security reasons) but I will explain some of them.

8 weeks of local server & workstation backups. Most servers have a month but we want to double that. This is an easy change, simply requires more storage . Storage is cheaper than it has ever been so this is very easy low handing fruit. Longer backups allow us to recovery lost data from 8 weeks ago instead of just last month.

Encrypted local backups. All cloud backups are encrypted, but not all local backups. This protects the backup making sure nobody else can read it.

Server backups stored off the server. Often the “primary” local backup is internal and the “secondary” local backup is external (NAS, other server, etc.) We are going to flip this around. This change will provide increased protection against newer viruses that try to encrypt the backups.

Enhanced spam filter. Most infections and compromises happen from an email. The “basic” spam filter built into the mail server just isn’t enough these days.

12 months of firewall logs. Most systems store 30-90 days, but we want a full 12 months for everyone, (not just HIPAA clients.)

These are just a few of the changes to keep our clients safe. If you are a client, please contact us to learn about the changes too sensitive to list here!