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December 15, 2020
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December 21, 2020

My Elevate Smartphone App Stopped Ringing


For the past 6 months we’re received this complaint a few times each week. Mine is almost always on silent so I didn’t notice. When I was expecting an important call when I knew I would be out on a project, I turned silent mode off.

Little did I know that I would still miss that important call because my Elevate did not ring just like other Elevate users have been complaining for the past 6 months.

After a few weeks of updating the app, reinstalling, removing, clearing the data, etc. turns out, the issue is not the Elevate app at all. The problem is my phone. Or an update to my phone (and probably yours too) that happened 6+ months ago.

To conserve battery life, most Android phones now put background apps to sleep. Any app that is not the app you are using is not really working, even though it isn’t technically “closed”. Bravo for anything that increases battery life so I am not upset at this change.

The fix is easy. Follow these 5 steps >

  • Open the settings app. You can find this on the home screen or the apps tray.
  • Scroll down and click on device care.
  • Click on Battery.
  • Click on APP Power Management
  • Click on Apps that wont be put to sleep
  • Add Elevate to this list.

Now Elevate will remaining running and will ring even if its in the background.