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Gigabit Internet Benefits


Think about what you do every day. How much of your day is spent utilizing technology that’s keeping you connected to the rest of the world? You are more than likely streaming videos, sending emails or large files, or even gaming. It’s frustrating when we can’t do all of those things at once smoothly, especially if you aren’t the only one connected. Thankfully, gigabit internet is the future of our connectivity standards and the answer to your network needs. More and more devices are being connected to the internet every day, all of them multitasking and demanding data to be thrown around at breakneck speeds. HD video streaming, such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube require higher transmission speeds and heavier data loads. So does all of the multitasking done by numerous users simultaneously as well. Does your network supply service to an array of devices? Gigabit internet is capable of providing the faster and more reliable internet connection for your business or your family! Here’s a few more reasons as to why gigabit internet could be the best option for you:

A Few Basics

Gigabit Internet got its name very simply from how it operates: it transmits data at speeds of a gigabit per second. Pretty basic, right? What it does, however, is far from basic.

Even though gigabit internet seems like a new solution to our connectivity build-up and bottlenecks, it has actually been around since 1998! It has recently become more popular and more commonly used, especially in households, not just businesses. As optical fiber becomes more widely used and larger cities are forced to update their fiber infrastructures, gigabit internet equipment is being implemented instead of the outdated versions of the past, such as broadband.

Broadband vs. Gigabit

When it comes to shopping for internet service, speed is almost always going to be the top priority for the consumer and it’s pretty easy to see why as well. Even the priciest internet package from the most reputable network service provider could become bogged down and sluggish due to incompatible equipment or even too many devices being connected at once. Make sure that you have the right internet type and package for your network needs to avoid the irritating results of poor connectivity.

Network Speeds

Gigabit internet’s speeds blow broadband’s numbers clear out of orbit, far beyond out of the water. A broadband package can provide you with speeds of 10 to 40 Mbps (Megabits per second) typically, whereas gigabit internet is capable of providing you with a whopping 2,000 Mbps. That’s over a million bits per second! Broadband doesn’t stand a chance against gigabit internet with those statistics. Another catch of broadband service is the further away your device is from your broadband router, the slower your connection is going to be. However, gigabit routers won’t give you the same problem. If you need to provide internet service to cover a large area, gigabit would be the better choice to avoid connection issues thanks to optical fiber.

Gigabit internet is an essential for working from home. Many employees are still working from home during this strange time in history and may continue for the foreseeable future. All of the multitasking, emails, transferring large files, and conference calls take quite a bit of data, especially when it is all going on at the same time. You’re definitely going to want all of those tasks to go smoothly. If you are frustrated with your work, you’re most likely going to notice a drop in your productivity.

Keep in mind that if you plan on updating your service to a gigabit internet network, make sure the rest of your equipment is going to be updated as well. You may implement gigabit internet to boost your network speeds but if your computer, cabling, or router isn’t capable of handling those speeds, it won’t matter at all. Moot point. Zip. Nada.

How Many Devices are Connected?

Gigabit internet is also more equipped to bear the heavy data load of running multiple devices at once because of its wider bandwidth as compared to broadband service. Most sources say that broadband service is perfectly capable of providing for a family of four, but in all reality, there would more than likely be quite a bit of hiccups in that service. In order to stream comfortably without any annoying interruptions, a family of that size would need to upgrade to a gigabit internet package. If your current broadband service is keeping your home network congested, consider looking into a gigabit internet package.

Internet Package Pricing

When it comes to pricing, obviously they are going to vary a bit from provider to provider but overall, prices for high-speed gigabit internet aren’t far off from broadband prices. Why go for the slower service if you could pay the same price for a faster connection that’s going to work better for you? It can’t get any better than paying the same price for more productivity and less frustration. Examples of common gigabit internet providers include AT&T, Verizon Fios, Spectrum, Xfinity, and even Google. A quick internet search or a call to your local internet providers will let you know if gigabit internet is available in your area. Smaller or more rural areas may not be equipped with optical fiber for gigabit internet to run on, but it may be coming soon! It’s spreading like wildfires.

Your Internet Solution

When reviewing everything we have gone over in this article, it sounds like gigabit internet is the answer for your connectivity needs! It seems to be anyone’s best choice when deciding on an internet service. Whether it is regarding pricing or speed and bandwidth capabilities, gigabit internet rules superior to the outdated broadband service of our recent past. Gigabit internet provides the comfortable and reliable service for any home or office. No more sluggish network speeds and frustration, and even better, at the same price as the service that was providing nothing but buffering before. Speedier internet service could be just a phone call away for you!