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Power and Internet Outages

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Not many things besides viruses and malware affect a network like a power or internet outage.

When the power goes out, equipment is shutdown in a “non-graceful” way. This is like pulling the power plug while everything else is still running and processing data. Pulling the plug is bad news for computer and network equipment.

When the power comes back on, the network doesn’t always go back to 100% on its own. Some things may work and others may not. The internet and network may be slow as the entre system plays catch up from the power loss. Often, the internet simply doesn’t work. Often because a network device did not boot in the correct order, a network device didn’t come back on, or a network device was damaged during the power surge that accompanied the power outage (this is what all those surge protectors are for.)

Here are some steps you can take to get the network operational after a power or internet outage:

  1. Make sure everything has power and is turned on. Each network device should have a power light and “blinking lights” that you can see. Devices that are critical include modems, firewalls, routers, switches, and servers.
  2. Contact your ISP to see if there is an outage. The power may be on, but the internet could still be out.
  3. If the ISP confirms no outage, unplug the firewall/router and reboot the modem. Wait 15 minutes then plug your firewall/router back in.
  4. If you’re still having issues, reboot all network switches.

One caveat – you need to know the location of all your equipment and which piece of equipment is the router/modem/firewall/etc.

If nothing above helped, you’ll need a technician to take a look. Give us a call and we’ll send someone over.

After everything is back running and the dust has settled, clients often ask “How can we prevent this from happening?”

There are enterprise grade 6000VA battery backup systems in the $9K price range if you’re interested. These can last several hours for a small network.

Not many “cheap” options for power outages that last more than an hour. You can invest a few hundred for bigger backup batteries to add another hour or two, but 2-3 hours is about the most you can get in the $2500 range. A better solution is to pair a $2500 battery backup system with an outdoor gas/diesel generator if you want to keep the computers running during a long power outage. Like I said, no “cheap” options for more than an hour or two.

There are affordable options for backup internet. We can setup a 5G/4G backup system for your organization. The internet goes out more often that power does and if your organization relies on the internet 24/7, then cellular backup internet is a great investment!