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March 28, 2020
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May 13, 2020

Proper Equipment Shutdown


Every once in a while, the electric company has to cut power to your office for maintenance. This could be to repair an issue with the electric lines outside your building or to repair an issue inside your building.

The #1 question we receive sounds something like “Is there anything special I need to do to shut down the server”.

The first step is to let us know the exact time and date so we can pause the monitoring and alerts. I’m sure you don’t want a dozen calls about a disconnected server you already know about.

If you have a hypervisor (servers running inside a server) then you wan to shutdown the virtual servers inside first. The order of the server shutdown(s) isn’t critical (shutdown the domain controller last) but the absolute most important thing is a clean server virtual shutdown.

Once all the virtual servers are shutdown, then you can shutdown the hypervisor (physical server). Remember to turn off the UPS (battery backup) and unplug the UPS from the wall if possible.

The same goes for any desktops. Shut them down (cleanly), turn off the UPS, then unplug the UPS from the wall.

If you have the time (or patience), unplug as much IT equipment from the wall as you can.

When power is restored, first turn on the hypervisor, then start the domain controller inside. Wait 15 minutes, then turn the other servers on.

Last step is to power on the workstations and you should be good to go!