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April 8, 2021
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May 3, 2021

Restoring your lost data with Backup Manager

Oh no! That important file is missing!

We’ve all had that chest clenching moment when an important file or folder accidentally gets deleted. If you are a customer that subscribes to our Managed Online Backup Service, don’t worry, your data is safe with Backup Manager!

Please follow these easy steps to access and restore a document without even needing to pick up the phone!

Navigate to and launch the program Backup Manager from your Start menu

This is what you will see open in your web browser

  1. Select the Restore Tab
  2. Select the day you would like to restore from.
  3. Depending on what needs to be restored, you can choose your Drive Letter/Sub Folder/File and choose where to restore your data (Restore to Original Location is chosen by default). You may also choose to restore to a new location, simply browse to find your destination.
  4. Optional, Select Skip Files that have not changed (bottom left) to avoid duplicating your data.
  5. Click Restore and your files will be back where they belong in just a few moments! (connection speeds do matter here. fast internet = fast restore!)