Donna Bollmer
August 8, 2011
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September 11, 2011

Separate your WiFi network

We all love WiFi. We can get it on laptops, desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

To get WiFi in our homes we purchase a wireless router, set the wireless name, and get online. That gets us wireless internet access from any wireless device at a range of about 400 feet.

When devices are connected to a wireless access point, this allows the devices to see each other. That is how we share printers and files with other wireless devices. That is great if you want to share, bad if you don’t.

When you connect to free WiFi at restaurants and hotels, other connected devices could see your computer as well. Some businesses have it set so that devices can’t see each other, but it requires high end wireless equipment and advanced setups.

Home users usually don’t buy the high end routers ($300+) that allow such segregation of devices. This means any device connected to your WiFi network can see and access files on each other.

If you don’t have user passwords set, then someone else on your WiFi could get access to any file, photo, or bank statement stored on your computer.

Before you consider being generous and opening up your WiFi to strangers, remember they could see and try to access your computer.

The same goes for businesses who want to give away free WiFi to customers. Remember, they now have access to your server, POS machine, and any other computer connected to your network.

Before you give out free WiFi, make sure it is setup properly and securely.