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February 14, 2019
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May 1, 2019

Settings to connect mobile device to exchange

Where do I find the server settings to connect my mobile device to exchange?

We get this very email 3-4 times a week. People are replacing phones at an unprecedented rate! We will show you the fastest way to get your mobile device connected to our exchange servers.

Step one is to take a look at this awesome help article. It has an easy to follow guide with pictures. Just choose your phone system (android, windows, IOS, blackberry) and follow the prompts for exchange / active-sync.

Auto-configure to the rescue

90% of mobile devices can be connected to exchange by simply entering your email address and password. This is the easiest and fastest way to connect to exchange.

The long way

For the 10% of devices where auto-configure doesn’t work, you’ll need your exchange server settings. This requires you to login to your “My Services” area and retrieve your settings. This link will take you to the my services section. Enter your email address and password. Before you hit LOGIN, remember to click on My Services instead of Webmail.






Once you login, click on the ActiveSync icon;






A screen will open with your server settings;






On the left are the settings you’ll need to setup your mobile device when auto-configure doesn’t work.

What else do I need?

You’ll need to know your email address and password. Almost everyone knows their email address, and almost everyone doesn’t know their password. Once a month someone tells me they don’t have a password.

If you do not know your email password, we can change it for you. Please note, we can not give you your email password, we can only change it. The system will not allow us to retrieve anyone’s password.

Please contact us if you need your email password changed!