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June 1, 2010
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June 7, 2010

Ship Us your Laptop

At Custom-PC, our experienced laptop technicians perform prompt service on all makes and models of laptops and notebook computers.

Send your laptop repair request, so we can get started on your laptop! 

We have $19.00 flat rate return shipping (with repair) within continental United States. Each shipment is fully insured up to $1000. We offer very competitive prices for quality laptop repair service. Our final laptop repair estimates include parts, labor, and return shipping.


We offer 3 flat rate repair options:

1) DC jack repair $139 + $14 (New DC jack if needed)

2) Keyboard replacement $29 + Keyboard

3) LCD replacement $35 + LCD

Any other problems we will have to diagnose first. Laptop diagnostics are $60 and are free if you have it repaired.

If your laptop is having an issue, and you don’t have any affordable or reliable local repair options, then Custom-PC is the perfect solution for you!

To send in your laptop for service follow these 4 easy steps:

1) Fill out our laptop service request form.

2) Pack your laptop in a laptop box. Include at least 4″ inches of bubble wrap or other similar padding.

**Warning ** Only use bubble wrap, packing peanuts or Styrofoam padding.

3) You will receive a confirmation email with a shipping address and SO (service order) number.

Write this number on the shipping label.

Do not ship your laptop until you have received your SO number.

Any packages without a SO number will be refused.

4) Ship your laptop to us using a traceable service (Fedex, UPS, etc.)

We will contact you within 4 days with a cost & time estimate.

Sit back relax, let us work for you!

Laptop repair FAQ:
Q. Do you offer local and national laptop repairs?
A. Yes we do. We started out as a hometown computer repair business. Over time we’ve grown into a national laptop repair center who services computers for customers all over the US. We operate 2 local retail stores. 

Q. What geographical areas do you serve?
A. Our laptop repair service covers the entire United States and Canada.

Q. Can you work on my brand of laptop?
A. Yes, we repair all brands of laptops. More accurately, we replace the DC jack in laptops.

Q. Are there any laptop repair services you do not provide?
A. We do not repair in warranty laptops. You should contact the manufacture for that service.

Q. How do I pay you for my laptop repair?
A. We accept most major credit or debit cards over the phone.

Q. What if my laptop can’t be fixed?
A. On very rare occasions, a particular part may be more expensive than it should be. If you choose not to have the laptop repaired, we will only charge our standard diagnostic fee $60 + $19 shipping back to you.

Q. How long does your laptop repair service take?
A. We repair laptops in the order received. Turnaround time on our laptop repairs is typically 1 week. The actual repair speed depends totally on the availability of the parts. It takes us less than 2 hours to install anything in a laptop. Sending your laptop to the manufacturer for repair could take 8 – 12 weeks!

Q. What happens if I have the same problem again?
A. All our repairs are covered by a parts and labor warranty. Most laptop repair are the result of damage than malfunction. Each quote will list the provided warranty based on the parts we order. The warranty does not cover damage or problems other than the repair we performed.

If you have any other questions regarding our laptop repair service please feel free to contact us.


Laptop service request form.