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July 3, 2020
employee leaving
An employee is leaving
July 3, 2020

We hired a new employee


Wonderful news! Despite everything that is going on in the world today, business is still moving forward. Our goal is to make this as smooth as possible for your new hire and you.

This starts with a ton of questions like what location they’ll work out of, where they’ll sit, what workstation will they use, how many monitors do they need, what data and programs they’ll need access to, and what printer will they use.

That takes care of the first round of question, but there are still more questions!

I did say we’d make this easy for you, so here is a short form that answers the typical questions we have. Please download, complete, and return to us as soon as they sign your offer letter.

Please do not send this form to us Friday at 2PM and say they start on Monday. Under the best circumstances, it takes a few days to setup a new hire. This turns into a week or more if we need to order workstations, monitors, phones, printers, scanners, and software.

This will help us help you and your new hire hit the ground running!