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May 6, 2009
May 26, 2009

Browsing the net with smartphones.

As i recently upgraded to a smart phone, the first thing i did was look up a store to see what their hours were. Should have been a pretty simple thing, go to www (their company name) and find out when they close so I don’t drive across town for nothing. I wait, and wait, and wait until the page times out. I refresh, wait and wait again. It would seem that their website would not work with my smart phone. Then I decide to take a look at other websites I frequent attempting to find out if its just them or everyone.

To my surprise, most companies did not have smart phone optimized sites or mobile sites as it’s called in the industry. I went to more than 2 dozen website looking for addresses, phone numbers, simple stuff. Only 2 out of 10 times was I able to actually find what i was looking for on their websites faster than it would have been for me to just call.

Smart phones, have a much lower download speed, and many don’t have flash, java, etc enabled.

After seeing this, I immediately went to our own company website and ours wasn’t any better. I could not find our address, phone number or store hours. Our java based store locator didn’t work at all, and 45% of the screen was too big for my phone. Seems the only way to get to the information was through  java scripts and my stock phone didn’t run java.

For anyone who has a website, this is a wake up call. Ask your designer about the impending takeover of smart phones. More and more people will be browsing the internet with them and if your website isn’t ready, then you may miss out on potential customers in their car, on their way, but can’t find you. They may call you, or they may just go to the next website where they can actually find the into they want, from their phone.