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August 4, 2009
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September 9, 2009

How to combat Scareware

Scareware, what an unusual term. Most of us have seen it, a little pop-up or message that says something like “Warning your infected” or ” Click here to scan for free” If you need examples take a look here

We now call it scareware because that’s what it tries to do. Scare you into doing something. Some of the programs are worse than others. Most are tying to get you to buy their software. Some just want to infect your pc so it can send out tons of spam using your pc as the server. The worse would be them getting your credit card number and draining your account.

Most of these scare tactics are embedded into hacked websites. Quite a few are hidden in banner ads spread across the internet. The attack comes from so many directions, its hard to say where you will see it next.

The best thing to do if it happens to you is close out of the browser all together. Make sure you do not click on anything, not YES or NO or Cancel.

Yes is YES,  no is YES, and Cancel is YES. Confused yet? If you find these pop-ups and scare warning are constantly happening, its time to have your pc cleaned for viruses & whatnots. It usually means that the virus has moved from the web to your pc, and now it can really annoy you.

If it happens when your not connected to the internet, then you are definitely infected already.

Be safe online!