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September 24, 2011
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September 29, 2011

What to do when your electronics get wet

It happens. Cell phones fall in the sink, laptops get drinks spilled on them. Water is the worst enemy of electronic devices, second only to drops from high distances. When our precious cell phone, laptop, tablet, or PSP fall into or gets water dumped on it, there are the first  two steps you can take to avoid having to buy a new one.

  1. Take the battery out. Can’t get to the battery? Turn it off and find someone who knows. Do not turn it back on, do not try to charge it up. Try to take it apart as much as you can to speed in the recovery process. Please do not try to turn it on.
  2. Dry it out. Place your device in rice to pull the moisture out. Do not try forced air, hair dryer, microwave, or an oven. This process will take time and you will do more damage attempting any of those methods. Be patient, do not try to force it dry. You can turn it upside down to let the liquid out the way it came in.

Have a disaster plan in place. Do you know how to take your battery out? Do you know a good place to take it in case your equipment gets wet?

You can also practice a few times removing your battery case and battery. This is important especially if you have an outside protective shell. (They don’t always come off easily) Take a few moments to figure out how to do it. You’ll be glad you did if you ever need to.